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Dozens of resources for professional growth

The Kansas City chapter of SMPS maintains an extensive resource library of industry related publications. This is one of the many benefits offered to our members. Policies and procedures are listed below. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity for professional development. This resource library is reserved for the exclusive use of KC SMPS members. Materials can be reviewed and/or checked out by making an appointment with the Library Coordinator.

Materials are checked out for a two-week period. A two-week extension may be requested. Extensions will not be granted if a waiting list exists for the material(s). Up to three items may be checked out at a time. Materials may be returned to the Library Coordinator’s office during regular working hours. If the Coordinator is not in the office, materials may be left with the office receptionist. Materials must be returned on time and in original condition. Lost or damaged items must be replaced at the borrower’s expense.

The Resource Library is currently housed at Miller-Stauch Construction. Patricia Cox is acting as Library Coordinator. She can be reached at:

Patricia Cox, CPSM
Miller-Stauch Construction
P: (913) 599-1040
email: pcox@millerstauch.com

SMPS Core Series

Creating an Effective Brochure by Rena Frankle, ©1991
Creating an Effective Brochure for the 21st Century by Rena Frankle, ©1998
Incentives for Marketing Managers by George R. Biderman, ©1991
Presentations by Kay Lentz and Mary E. Rauch, ©1991
Presentations by Kay Lentz and Mary E. Rauch, ©1998
Promotion through Publications by Dianne Ludman Frank, ©1991
Promotion through Publications Supplement by Sheryl Mailbach
Proposals by Ruth Wallace and Meredith Wargo, ©1991
Proposals (Revised) by Ruth Henshall and Meredith Bena, ©1991
The Marketing Budget by Lisbeth Quebe, ©1992
The Marketing Coordinator by Rebecca M. Renfro and Janet Goodman Aubry, ©1991
The Marketing Plan by Karen Kerruish, ©1991
The Marketing Plan Supplement by Bruce Lee, ©1991


52 Ways to re-connect, Follow Up, & Stay in Touch… When You Don’t Have Time to Network by Anne Baber & Lynne Waymon, copyright 1994
1998 Environmental Engineering Selection GuideA Directory to Engineering Firms and Educational Institutions Employing Board Certified Specialist
2000 SMPS Marketing Salary & Expense Survey, SMPS Publication
Building Profits in the Construction Industry by Michael Kubal, Kevin Miller, & Ron Worth, copyright 2000
Charting Your Career Path by Sally Handley & Sharon Yorio, copyright 2001
Creating Rainmakers by Harding Ford, copyright 1998
Critical Thinking, Reading , Writing by Sulvan Barnet & Hugo Bedlau, copyright 2002
Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless by Jeffrey Gitomer, copyright 1998
Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty by Harvey Mackay, copyright 1997
Fame Game: Crafting the “Expert” Article by Carl Friesen
Marketing Architectural and Engineering Services by Weld Coxe, Second Edition 1983 and 1990 reprint edition
Multimedia Marketing for Design Firms by Curtis B. Charles and Karen M. Brown, copyright 1996. The first book to apply the latest computer technology to marketing architectural services – a complete and practical guide.
Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace by Gordon MacKenzie, copyright 1996
Plan It by Lisbeth Quebe, FSMPS, copyright 2002
Power Marketing the Complete Book of Tactics and Forms by Frank Stasiowsi, copyright 1996
Principles for Principals: Insights and Anecdotes about what Makes Professional Firms Thrive by Joan Capelin, copyright 2004
Professional Services Marketing Articles by SMPS, copyright 1999
Proposals: On Target, On Time by Dan Safford
Revving up Readership – How to break through the fatigue factor, overcome info overload – even reach “readers” who won’t read by Ann Wylie, copyright 1997
SMPS Career Ladder Guide for Professional Services Marketers, National Education and Research Committees, copyright 1991
Step by Step Guide to Standard 255 and 254 Preparation by Yolanda Hunt, copyright 1995
The Practice of Architecture, 1997 Firm Survey Report – Industry Statistics, AIA Publication, copyright 1996
The Practice of Architecture, Changes in Construction Markets – The Next Fifteen Years, AIA Publication, copyright 1996