A note from our 2016-2017 President

I often travel for my job, and on those planes, trains and automobiles, I take time to pause, reflect and plan. As I began my role as president of the KC chapter of SMPS, I asked myself a lot of questions: what could I expect, what would the commitment be, what exactly would be expected of me? How would I fulfill the duties and the commitment as president AND meet the demands of my communications role at my GC firm? The answer was simple – why WOULDN’T I do it?

There is so much happening in the A/E/C industry these days and so many more people joining each day.

As a communicator and marketer, I have spent my career focused on uncovering stories. I often find the best part of each story is always about the people. Now, I have the honor of uncovering more stories about the local SMPS community – our colleagues, our members, our board members, our volunteers and our firms.

Each firm has a story and we as marketers and communicators work to amplify those details. I find that our industry often is about creativity and how privileged are we to be the storytellers of that creativity? As we move into the days and months ahead, I urge you to stay engaged with SMPS and find more moments to create your story. I hope our programming uncovers new ways for each of you to build upon your work as storytellers and marketers.  I look forward to seeing you – whether it’s at a luncheon, happy hour or on an upcoming jobsite tour.

More to come…  Emily

Emily Fors is Vice President of Communications at JE Dunn Construction, Inc.